point of view

What You Need to Know About Point of View

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Most people think of a point of view as something like an opinion. Merriam-Webster even defines it as “a particular manner of considering or evaluating the world.” However, in literature (fiction and nonfiction), the point of view actually refers to the narrative voice of the story being told. POV is classified into three voices: First […]

strong female characters

Why Should You Stop Writing Strong Female Characters?

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Yup. You read that subject line right! My second favorite (in sequence, not necessarily preference) panel from my AWP experience was titled Girls on Fire: Beyond the “Strong” Female Characters in Books for Young Readers, and it was all about the patriarchy-supporting nightmare “strong female characters” (SFC) have become and why writers should be striving for […]

assisted self-publishing red flags

10 Assisted Self-Publishing Red Flags You Need to Avoid

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A lot goes into self-publishing a book. It’s no wonder why assisted self-publishing has become a wildly lucrative business model. Unfortunately, some companies are taking advantage of writers seeking to reduce the workload of publishing their stories. After seeing one particularly sad story in one of the Facebook groups I frequent, I decided to help […]