You know those books that pop up randomly and suddenly they’re everywhere? That’s the experience I had with Val Brelinski’s debut novel The Girl Who Slept With God. I had been hearing murmurs around the blogosphere and my interest was definitely piqued, this book was popping up everywhere. One of those places was a post in […]


I have been so majorly lagging behind with the posting this year. I could make all the usual excuses (life, work, etc.) but really it boils down to my time management skills still leaving something to be desired. It also might have something to do with the fact that I decided to only read giant […]


I just finished my first experience with Judy Blume, and I feel…grown up. I went into this reading of Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret fully aware that I am no longer in the target demographic and adjusted my expectations as such. But even so, I’m feeling a little underwhelmed. I can definitely see how AYTG,IMM […]

summer of blumealong

It all started with one simple confession on Twitter. Kerry over at Entomology of a Bookworm (who gets credit for the amazing featured image I borrowed), wondered to the Twitterverse whether or not she should admit to never having read Judy Blume. To help her out of her solitude, I too confessed I had somehow missed […]


I came to a pretty startling realization about myself recently, well startling to me. I am a white cisgender heterosexual woman. I recognize this is, in most respects, a very privileged position to be in. I am also a very liberal person politically, socially, and even in my interpretation of religion. But even this tendency to […]


As the first book I’ve managed to finish in 2015, The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber is holding a special place in my reader’s heart. Peter Leigh is an English minister who has been chosen to serve as a missionary on Oasis, a colony on a distant planet. Built, owned, and operated by […]

Under This Beautiful Dome

Beautiful. Honest. Heartbreaking. These are just a few of the descriptors that can be applied to Terry Mutchler’s brave new memoir, Under this Beautiful Dome. It was the ’90s, the era of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and DOMA. Sexual orientation was an even hotter topic than it is today, and any act of honesty could result […]